Typical Event Day Schedule
Registration 7:30am to 8:45am
Course Open for Walking 7:30am to 9:15am
Tech Inspection 7:30am to 9:00am
New Driver Course Walk 9:00am
Drivers’ Meeting 9:15am
1st Heat Worker Check-in 9:15am
First Car Off 9:30am
TSSCC Membership Fee: $45 for season membership
Pre-Registration Fee (online)
TSSCC Members: $40
Non-Members: $45
Onsite Registration
TSSCC Members: $50
Non-members: $55
Event 3-Pack
Anyone: $99

Unless otherwise noted below, this event will be conducted using the 2019 SCCA Solo Rules.



  • New Driver Liaisons will be available throughout the event if you should have any questions/concerns. Please ask at registration and listen to announcements made throughout the morning.
  • Arrive at site between 7:00am-7:30am
  • Listen for announcements made regarding the New Driver Liaisons and New Drivers
  • Proceed to registration (Refer to Registration)
  • Return to car, make car race ready and proceed to Technical Inspection. (Refer to Technical Inspection)
  • Return car to paddock and proceed to start of course to get work assignment. (Refer to Registration)
  • Walk the course.
  • Meet New Driver Liaison near the start of course for New Driver Course Walk at 9:05am
  • We run rain or shine in all kinds of temperatures. However, the event will be temporarily suspended while lightning is observed in the immediate area. Please bring appropriate rain/cold/hot/sunny weather gear. Make sure you also bring something to cover and/or secure your gear while it is not in your car (plastic garbage bags or a tarp).


  • Check in at the pre-registration line and sign the waiver. You and your guests MUST sign the waiver.
  • If changes need to be made to your personal information or car information, you must do so at Registration to update your information BEFORE your car is teched.
  • Get a work assignment from the worker chief. ALL COMPETITORS MUST GET A WORK ASSIGNMENT! Failure to complete your work assignment will result in DSQ'ing of your runs. Additionally, you may be prevented from running with TSSCC in the future.
  • Proceed to Technical Inspection (Tech) with your car race ready! That is, all loose items must be removed and magnetic numbers or contrasting tape applied to the body panels of the car.


  • Registration closes at 8:45. If you are not in the registration line by 8:45, you will not be able to compete.
  • You must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license to enter. All entrants and guests MUST sign the waiver.
  • Drivers’ under 18 must have a Minor Waiver completed for each event. Minor Waivers must be completed by the driver and the parent/guardian in the presence of a board member at registration.
  • You will select a car number from the list available and complete an event card. You will hand your card, driver’s license and registration fee to the registrar.
  • After checking and returning your driver’s license, the registrar will sign your card and the computer operator will confirm and enter your information into the computer. After being entered into the computer, you will be given your event card to take along with you to Tech. Your car must be race ready BEFORE entering the Tech line. That is, all loose items must be removed and contrasting magnetic material or tape designating correct number and class applied to the body panels of the car.
  • If you do not have tape or magnetic numbers, low tack tape will be available for purchase from the registrar.
  • Get a work assignment from the worker chief. ALL COMPETITORS MUST GET A WORK ASSIGNMENT! Failure to complete your work assignment will result in DSQ'ing of your runs. Additionally, you may be prevented from running with TSSCC in the future.


  • If you and your car are not in the Tech line by 9:00 am, you cannot compete.
  • Have your car empty of all loose items and have your event card ready for the inspector. Refer to the back of your event card for specific requirements in order to pass Tech.
  • Contrasting magnetic material or tape is required for the display of car numbers and class on the body panels. Shoe polish is not acceptable. Two driver cars must be able or remove or cover the number of the 2nd driver when not in use. Display of correct numbers is your responsibility and incorrect numbers can result in a DNF.
  • Cars will be checked for proper classification in tech. Tech inspectors have the authority to reclass any car that they deem to be misclassed.
  • All tires run in the event must pass technical inspection.
  • After passing inspection, a Tech worker will initial your event card. Return your car to the paddock and proceed to the start of the course to get your worker assignment.


  • Worker assignments will be given by the worker chief at registration. After passing technical inspection and returning your car to paddock, take your event card along with you to the worker assignment person. After receiving your worker assignment, you will turn in your card so that you are officially registered for the event.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to sign up for a worker position. Failure to do so will result in disqualification for the entire day. (Refer to General Instructions)


  • Unofficial times will be posted on the timing board. DO NOT interrupt, talk to, or question the timing crew. See an event official for any timing related questions. A course map may be displayed near the posted times as a reference for any penalties assessed.
  • Times become official only after the audit of corner worker sheets at the end of each heat.
  • All entrants and current TSSCC members can view results on the TSSCC website a day or so after the event.


  • Cars are classed per the 2019 SCCA Solo rules.
  • Cars will be checked for proper classification in tech. Tech inspectors have the authority to reclass any car that they deem to be misclassed.
  • Two cars are required to form a trophy class. Classes with less than two cars will be combined and the 2019 PAX/RTP Index will be used to determine adjusted times for trophies.
  • Trophies and awards will be presented at the end of the event. If you cannot attend the awards presentation you must make arrangements for someone else to accept your award. Otherwise your award will be forfeited.


  • All drivers MUST attend the Drivers Meeting held at the timing trailer at 9:15am. Event specific rules and/or information will be given at the meeting.
  • Everyone who competes in this event MUST work the course or a specialty. Worker assignments will be made at registration. If you do not work, you get NO POINTS, NO TROPHY AND NO POSTED TIMES. Failure to report to a worker assignment at a second event will result in not being able to participate in another TSSCC event for the remainder of the current season. Please remember that Autocross is a volunteer sport and to have a successful event everyone must participate in the administration of the event as well as the competition.
  • Speed Limit in the pits/paddock areas is 5 MPH. Excessive speeds in these areas or on the event site grounds will not be tolerated. Tire warm-ups are NOT allowed. Violations will result in disqualification.
  • There will be a minimum of three (3) runs and typically 6 runs. Post event instructional runs may be allowed at the end of the event, time and weather permitting. Passengers for post event runs must be at least 16 years old, have a valid driver’s license and MUST sign the waiver.
  • Helmets and seat belts must be worn by all drivers (and passengers during post event runs). Loaner helmets are available at Grid. All helmets must meet the 2019 SCCA Solo rules.
  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances may be consumed by drivers, spectators, or workers during the event anywhere on the premises. Violators will be disqualified and asked to leave.
  • Pets MUST be on a leash no longer than 6 feet.
  • Sportsman-like conduct is expected from all participants and guests.
  • Drivers are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  • Please respect the event site!! Sites are difficult to find and hard to keep. Please clean up after yourself and others. Dispose of trash in containers provided. We would like to leave the event site as clean (if not cleaner) than we found it!

If you have any questions that are not answered by the above, please contact someone on the TSSCC board.

We look forward to seeing you at a TSSCC event!!