About the Club

How can you participate?

It’s really very simple. Just pick the event you want to attend and show up, better yet, log on to our web site, TSSCC.org and register on line using Pay-Pal. Naturally, you will need to bring the vehicle in which you wish to compete (assuming it is in safe running condition and has a functioning seatbelt). TSSCC will take care of the rest. At registration, mention that it is your first autocross experience. We will assign someone to work with you. They will assist you in getting your car ready for tech inspection, walking the course, and giving you tips to help get faster times. TSSCC wants to make your first experience productive and enjoyable in the hopes that you’ll be back and maybe even bring a friend. You will need a helmet that is Snell 2000 approved or newer, loaners will be available onsite.

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